Questions from partners who are now reaping the rewards with Intercoil

I already have industrial capacity, is this ok?
This would be a great advantage, but initially it is not necessary. Primarily our aim is to award licences to partners who can clearly demonstrate a history of operating a successful business. We firmly believe that our licensing oKfer is both fair and comprehensive to equally enable anyone without prior manufacturing experience acquire the location and to develop a profitable plant. However, already possessing some industrial capacity and an established manufacturing infrastructure will naturally be of benefit.

What do I initially get for my investment?
Firstly you purchase the rights to a really exciting business to manufacture our products within your country for a set term; you therefore in effect buy the profitability of a business. Secondly you get unbeatable support from Intercoil at every step - comprehensive training, full use of our IIPR, our support team will be continually on hand, access to our industrial suppliers and engineering expertise to get you started in your own dedicated territory, full licence documentation and all the ongoing support you could ever require to assist you in developing a very profitable manufacturing operation. The challenge is to instantly become eKficient to maximise the production and the profitability of the business over the agreed term.

How is Intercoil different from your competitors?
The proposed licence encompasses a complete bedroom package, so satisfying your most discerning customers. Not only are we the leading brand of orthopaedic sleep products in the Middle East as we manufacture our own products you will always have access to the very latest developments in mattress manufacturing technology. The manufacturing licence will cover all three of our manufacturing divisions - Polyurethane Foam, Sleep Products (Beds & Mattresses), and Furniture, so a very comprehensive portfolio. But more importantly through our own R&D you will always be able to oKfer your customers the latest in sleep products. However at Intercoil we always go that extra mile through our initiatives such as our "Sleep Matters" programme that is a scientific study of human sleep which greatly aids the development of all our products and services.

Do I get assistance with promotional material?
All of our Licence Holders will benefit from our tried and tested full support system which includes access to the creative artwork for promotional material for you to adapt. Intercoil itself invests heavily in its own marketing and advertising campaigns which are aimed to raise brand awareness and increase all our sales. Naturally by association this will also greatly benefit your business.

I would like to have a licence in more than one country, is this possible?
As part of our expansion plans we are always seeking to have a presence in as many countries as possible. However we would investigate this possibility on a case by case basis to avoid any conLlict of interest between other licence holders and any potential international legal restrictions. Similarly granting extra licences will also take into account your performance in your original territory, having manufacturing infrastructure in the new, requested territory or at least a sales, logistics, and distribution network - the same criteria for your initial licence.

Can I have more than one factory?
Your individual manufacturing capabilities and capacities will be part of the initial negotiations. We envisage that most Licence Holders will commence with one plant however the licences will be granted on a per country or territory basis. As we are so confident in our products and manufacturing methods we are sure that you will rapidly attain consistently high quality production so that Intercoil will consider granting you the right to develop additional plants or regional warehousing capacity which may incur separate consultancy set up fees. One of our long term plans is to offer multiple manufacturing licence agreements to the most successful of our partners which we see is a greater incentive than a unit by unit licence agreement.

For how long will Intercoil support my business?
Our expansion programme is only as successful as our Licence Holders. We believe in our selection process in partnering only with proven business people. The terms of the licence will be continuously reviewed. The renewal of the agreements and the duration of the renewed licence is naturally dependant on your company being profitable, showing consistent growth whilst continually adhering strictly to all of the terms and conditions of the licence agreements whilst maintaining the good reputation of the brand which allows us both to keep growing.

If I am accepted for an Intercoil Licence Holder it is my own business?
Even though we will ask you to operate in a way very similar to the way we do things (because we have proven that to be the best way for you to be just as successful as us) it is your business. You serve your own customers, own the business and make the profit for yourself following our proven format.

Do I get any assistance with my IT needs?
Yes, as part of the licence package you will receive fully integrated management CRM systems linked to our own systems. We will also be happy to share our experience in implementing an ERP system with an option to install the exact same ERP. You will be part of the Intercoil family aMter all.

If I buy a licence I am guaranteed success?
No. We will give you access to everything required to help you to be successful but remember that it is your business and it will only be successful if you manage it well, work hard at it, commit yourself to it and get the results for yourself.

Sustainability is important to me, what are Intercoil's policies?
Through our passion for innovation it has not only produced a ground breaking eco-friendly mattress called the 'Green Mattress' but has given us the opportunity to implement environmental-friendly initiatives such as using recyclable materials, converting to water-based glues and adopting many other waste management processes. Intercoil embraces all Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and strategies, to such an extent that we are able to provide more than enough evidence to this commitment to have been awarded with the Dubai Chamber CSR Label for the fourth year in a row. An award highly prized as it matches all international standards and best practices. Intercoil's success has been widely recognised with numerous other industry and environmental awards culminating in receiving the most prestigious Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award in 2013 for business excellence. We never lose sight of the company's Mission Statement " To enhance customer's lives and add value to all our stakeholders as an organization that is innovative, sustainable and proactive in its product and service development.

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?
Yes, if your personal circumstances change then you may sell your business however we would naturally have to approve the transfer. As such part of the licence agreement is that Intercoil will be given the first right of refusal to purchase your business at the going market value. Alternatively you or jointly we can identify a suitable buyer. Please note that the licence is not transferable. The new owner will have to apply for a completely new licence and also meet the required criteria of that date.

How do you select your Licensees?
By becoming an Intercoil licensee you will be in an extremely enviable position. The rewards we firmly believe are self-evident, so please browse this prospectus to see if you match the high standard of partners that we seek. If you do then we will be delighted to hear from you. Discover more about this unequalled opportunity by visiting us on Then simply register your interest and you will immediately receive our standard application form along with a copy of a confidentiality agreement for completion. All successful applicants will be contacted directly to arrange an in-depth presentation and formal discovery meeting. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Why have you selected my market? Do you have any research to ensure that a manufacturing plant would be viable?
Renowned as a very professional corporation Intercoil continuously researches each and every market that holds potential growth. So you can be assured that wherever a licence is oKfered then we are confident to see a profitable and sustainable business. Just as we expect you as the Licence Holder and experienced entrepreneur to have also spotted this opportunity in your marketplace by conducting your own indepth market research and preparing a business plan.

Who is responsible to cater for noting changes in trends, legal regulations affecting my market?
A licence is a complete strategic partnership. As a large established corporation obviously part of our organisation monitors and oversees such developments and any advances in technology. Equally our R&D practices frequently create the trends rather than simply following the lead of others. But as the person on the ground within the agreement we would also expect feedback from you to ensure that we both keep one step ahead in all aspects of the business to maintain mutual profitability, growth as well as remaining legal within your dedicated territory.

As Intercoil is not based in my local market how can I be sure that I will get timely support if I need immediate assistance?
This is not a problem. Even though it will be your own business all Licence Holders are naturally an extension of the Intercoil family. As such your request for support will always be treated and resolved with exactly the same priority as one of our own plants. Our support team is continuously on hand to field and handle every situation the moment that it arises.

As part of the licence agreement am I allowed to manufacture non-Intercoil branded products in my factory?
From time to time Intercoil may offer you the right to manufacture non-Intercoil products under a separate sub license agreement; according to and with support of a full back up and operational methodologies.

Concerning my factory, who is responsible for the design and layout of the machinery and how is it initially fitted out?
As part of the licence agreement Intercoil will visit your site during the initial setting up period. Intercoil will not take responsibility for the actual design and layout of your factory. We will share with the licensee best practices, our experience, contacts and to be on hand to offer you our full know how and training.

Who are my key customers?
There will be wide selection of customers for you to capitalise on. Intercoil is also seeking to appoint local franchisees who will naturally seek to source our products from the local manufacturers. Most countries have an established range of home, furniture and departmental stores. There is the wholesale market - concentrating on major clients such as hotels, property developers and other similar large quantity buyers. There is also potential for ex-factory exports to your neighboring countries, this option will be subject to approval from Intercoil.

May I speak to other existing licence holders?
Once you have fulfilled our selection process then we will support every aspect of your business through our due diligence programme. We appreciate that we all learn by networking and gaining from other company's experiences so ensuring that you see as quick a return on your investment as possible. So we are happy to facilitate the exchange of good practice experiences between our licence holders but not until you have reached the outline agreement stage.

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