Testimonials from our partners

For more than fifteen years Home Centre has enjoyed a continuous and mutually beneficial relationship with Intercoil, who we regard as a key supplier for all our mattress requirements.

As one of our most successful suppliers I am delighted to state that their growth in production capacity has been perfectly managed. Ensuring that they meet near perfect levels on delivery schedules and consistently provide us with new products; that amazingly are launched in record times following the initial concept presentations.

Home Centre operates in all nine Middle Eastern markets and we enjoy a very high level of service from Intercoil. They supply on time to all of our 60+ retail outlets, backed by an excellent aMter sales support. Notably, with the volume of mattresses that we retail, it has been reassuring that quality issues are always negligible.

We strongly feel that their goals are strongly aligned with our own, based on a model of low costs, high and consistent quality whilst always remain very customer- centric .

As we continue to expand through strong like for like sales, allied to an aggressive expansion programme, we are sure that Intercoil will continue to grow with us. We trust in their support for all future developments into new markets.

Jonathan Jagtiani
CEO of Home Centre (Landmark Group)

Since commencing our business relationship in 2004 it has been nothing but a pleasure to work alongside Intercoil.

Our partnership has continuously developed through their reliability and the excellent reputation that they have within the Saudi marketplace. This means that our own promotional activity is so much more rewarding when providing an extensive range of mattresses made from the highest quality materials all supported by a wide range of other bedding products.

The consistent excellence in the quality of service really distinguishes Intercoil, giving us not only consistently satisfied customers but a notable increase in our customer base. All of which means our relationship can only strengthen and expand. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial future.

Abdulaziz Alyabes
MD, Manam Trading

Having recently introduced the Intercoil products into our marketplace, we have been very pleased that many of our prospective customers already know the brand from their travels to Dubai. They recognize and appreciate the high quality materials used in manufacturing Intercoil mattresses as well as the wide range of products on offer. Intercoil has brought us closer to more potential customers through its quality offering and expanded our own customer base.

Through regular delivery of excellent quality and service, these relationships will only strengthen further. We are very pleased to be associated with Intercoil.

Milan Shah
CEO, Bobmil Industries, Kenya - Manufacturing Licensee

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